Ocean Turbine Design

We can supply both 2-D and 3-D drafting and modeling. We are especially interested in greener ideas for the future in solar and wind technologies. We are currently working on ocean turbine designs.

We are interested in helping drilling companies for both geothermal and traditional operations develop more sustainable fuel using drivers for their equipment. This N2 membrane production unit can be retrofitted to use a bio diesel engine or a clean burning natural gas turbine.

Attic Fans

Save big on A/C bills by cooling your attic…at no cost! details

Solar Space Heating

The latest technology is compact, lightweight, powerful, fast, and very cost-effective.

Solar Day Lighting

Another great way to reduce your electric spending and reducing your monthly carbon footprint. Allowing natural day light into your home, office, and warehouse which gives you better lighting with less cost.

Start your energy conversion today by Signing up for our “Top 10 Tips To Go Green!” and then order your Energy Evaluation.

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