Photo Voltaic

Inventechnologies will design an affordable, attractive–even hidden–solution(s) to light, heat, or cool. You’ll not only make your environment more comfortable, you’ll be increasing your properties’ resale value and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

* solar electric (photovoltaic, or PV): turn sunlight into electricity by farming all the sunlight that hits your roof every day; sell your surplus electricity to the energy company

* concealed solar panels: learn how solar heat and energy panels can be integrated right into your rooftop…invisibly!

Solar solutions make sense for businesses trying to save money and make a positive contribution to the communities where they work. In fact, commercial properties can see the most dramatic return on their solar investments—both financially and in favorable public relations.

Is there a sun farm on your rooftop you could be harvesting profit from? Click the links below and find out!

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